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In my Media and Communications class we have been doing speech and debate recently.  As I sat and listened to everybodies different opinions on one or several different topics I began to think.  Why do we waste time fighting other people opinions and hoping everyone will agree with us?  I think it’s because we have a natural tendency to want to be right! But the truth is that sometimes we have to compromise..It’s hard but it would make a lot of things better.  How many times have you left a debate or an argument with someone and thought “boy was I wrong! what was I thinking” I doubt that happens often.  An argument just makes two people mad at eachother and brings upon a bad mood for the both of them.  I’m not going to lie, I love a good debate!  It runs in my blood.  I’m not sure exactly where I am going with all of this but it’s just what is currently running through my head. 


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