This just going to be a quick blog about random things I would like to say.

I know all of you are aware of the Holocaust.  We look back at this horrific point in history and wonder how anyone could ever kill that many people.  The only question anyone has is “WHY?”   I began to think.  Why don’t we consider the first American Settlers dictators.  We came to the land of the natives and we killed them.  We killed all of them because we felt that they didn’t belong.  Was that justified? Was that any better than what hitler did? There really is no justified reason to murder someone.  Everyone has a purpose on this earth.


People who call themselves pro-choice are actually quite the opposite.  When you give a mother the choice to abort her child you are taking away the chance of someone ever having a choice.


Curling is the sport of the century. I just wanted you to know that.


Leave Tiger Woods alone.  More than 70% of people who make it that big are screwed up and have two lives. Most of them just don’t get caught.


FarmVille and Call of Duty. I play both of these games and a lot of people have this idea in their heads that FarmVille is a wase of time and that Call of Duty isn’t.  I just want clarify that playing both of these games is an equal waste of time.  Not going to lie, I love these games but saying one game is more of a waste of time then another is foolish.


That’s all for now


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