So I was watching Good Morning America and Miley Cyrus was on the show to perform a set of three songs.  I don’t have anything against Miley but…she really isn’t that good of a singer.  She lacks range and her only strong point is when she belts it.  I know probably 20+ people who can sing as good if not better than Miley and she is the famous one?

It’s all about connections.  If Miley wasn’t the daughter of Billy-Ray would she be famous?  Most likely not.  I don’t even think Miley is a good actor!  It just makes me mad that people with phenomenal voices are at home singing to themselves in their room and mediocre voices like Miley are on a big stage putting on a show.  The crowd is too star struck to realize that the singing isn’t even good.  I want to see how far Miley would make it on American Idol. She probably wouldn’t make it through auditions.

I know that it seems as if I am completely bashing Miley Cyrus but it’s not just her.  There are many mediocre singers out their who are famous because of a connection.  This also applies to sports, acting and basically any highly recognized hobby. That was just a quick little rant..haha.


-Andrew Glaser

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