Songs That Mean a Lot to Me

Well I was reading my friend Sarah’s blog and she took some of her favorite songs and explained why she loved these songs.  I decided to steal her idea and do the same exact thing.  So I give some credit to Sarah for this!

Ok well I went through some of my favorite songs over the years and I came up with two that have a lot of meaning to me.  Although my interpretation of the meanings behind these songs may not be correct, only the writer knows the true meaning.  The two songs I picked are Walk On by U2 and Say by John Mayer.  I’ll start with Walk On.  I don’t know if you have ever heard this song but it is such an inspirational song and gets me thinking everytime I listen to it.  This song is all about not letting things get you down and just continuing on with life no matter what.  One of my favorite lines in the song is “And I know it aches
How your heart it breaks
You can only take so much

Walk on”

This line is saying that sometimes we will be heart broken and the only thing we can do is walk on!  Just keep going no matter what, don’t dwell on the past.  I also think this song speaks of Heaven:

“And love
Is not the easy thing
The only baggage you can bring
Is all that you can’t leave behind”

I think he is talking about going to Heaven because love is the only thing that can be brought to heaven – It’s all that you can’t leave behind.

“You’re packing a suitcase for a place
None of us has been
A place that has to be believed
To be seen”

The only way to ever see heaven is to believe in God’s plan for us.  So yah, thats my interpretation of Walk On by U2.

Now I want to give you my interpretation of John Mayers hit song Say.  I think this is how most people would interpret the song but either way it is an amazing song.

“It’s better to say to much, than to never say what you need to say”

Mayer is trying to say that we can’t live our lives hiding all of our ideas and emotion in our head.  We need to open up to the world, to our friends, to our family and say what we have to say.  We can’t keep all of our emotions and thoughts locked up, what good is that?

“Even if your hands are shaking
And your faith is broken
Even as the eyes are closing
Do it with a heart wide open”

Sure, everyone gets nervous about telling people what they TRULY think and believe.  But never telling anyone isn’t going to help.  Also, make sure you say it with a heart wide open.

So there you go.  Those are two of my favorite songs and two songs that have a lot of meaning to me.  I hope you took something from this!


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This just going to be a quick blog about random things I would like to say.

I know all of you are aware of the Holocaust.  We look back at this horrific point in history and wonder how anyone could ever kill that many people.  The only question anyone has is “WHY?”   I began to think.  Why don’t we consider the first American Settlers dictators.  We came to the land of the natives and we killed them.  We killed all of them because we felt that they didn’t belong.  Was that justified? Was that any better than what hitler did? There really is no justified reason to murder someone.  Everyone has a purpose on this earth.


People who call themselves pro-choice are actually quite the opposite.  When you give a mother the choice to abort her child you are taking away the chance of someone ever having a choice.


Curling is the sport of the century. I just wanted you to know that.


Leave Tiger Woods alone.  More than 70% of people who make it that big are screwed up and have two lives. Most of them just don’t get caught.


FarmVille and Call of Duty. I play both of these games and a lot of people have this idea in their heads that FarmVille is a wase of time and that Call of Duty isn’t.  I just want clarify that playing both of these games is an equal waste of time.  Not going to lie, I love these games but saying one game is more of a waste of time then another is foolish.


That’s all for now


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Back to the Blog!

In my Media and Communications class we have been doing speech and debate recently.  As I sat and listened to everybodies different opinions on one or several different topics I began to think.  Why do we waste time fighting other people opinions and hoping everyone will agree with us?  I think it’s because we have a natural tendency to want to be right! But the truth is that sometimes we have to compromise..It’s hard but it would make a lot of things better.  How many times have you left a debate or an argument with someone and thought “boy was I wrong! what was I thinking” I doubt that happens often.  An argument just makes two people mad at eachother and brings upon a bad mood for the both of them.  I’m not going to lie, I love a good debate!  It runs in my blood.  I’m not sure exactly where I am going with all of this but it’s just what is currently running through my head. 


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Fun at a Funeral

You know i just got home from my cousins funeral…and boy it was a blast.  Don’t get me wrong it still had its sad moments and we mourned the loss.  It was devastating to see such a great mans life be stripped so early.  My cousin was Chris Glaser. He too blogged here his blog was known as the “C” blog.  He stated this “I guess when someone’s life is lived full of  joy and loving God it’s difficult to be completely miserable when they’re gone.”  This made me believe that we should celebrate the life of Chris instead of mourn the loss.  God knew what he was doing when he took Chris.  Chris was an inspiration to everyone he met.  He filled everyones heart with love and compassion.  He did this with God’s love which shined through Chris no matter what he was going through.  Chris suffered cancer for 3 years but didn’t let it bring him down, ever.  He never mentioned it and did not want the title of “Cancer boy.”

When Chris was asked if he thought he would make it out of all this alive and healthy he said “I think so but its not up to me.”  One of the great things about Chris was that he let God take control of his life. He put all his troubles and worries in God’s hands.  Chris has inspired me and many others to not give up.  I mean i feel like a jerk when i want to give up on something because i just don’t feel like doing it but then i think Chris is suffering cancer and he is still working on getting his college degree at Ohio State University!  Chris has given me a new perspective on life as it is. Rest in peace Chris you will not soon be forgotten.

We love you and miss you.

Visit his blog:
Visit his memorial group:

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