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The Move

Hello all, I’m back.

It’s time for the second installment of “A Look Into Andrew Glaser’s Life”.  Yeah, I think I’ll keep using that, makes it sound like a movie or like it’s important (It is isn’t it?!).  It’s been almost ten days since I last wrote and it’s been a pretty eventful ten days if you ask me. Everything from the Super Bowl to moving buildings.  Well, let’s get into it.

We’ll start with the Super Bowl, and what really is there to say about it… Boring is really the only word I can conjure up to accurately describe Super Bowl XLVIII.  It’s as if the Bronco’s forgot how to play football right before the biggest game of their lives.  My career football stats may have qualified to start for the Broncos that night (one half tackle in seventh grade, impressive..I know).  Not to say that anything should be taken away from the legacy of Peyton Manning because he is still a legendary quarterback and his skill/statistics are undeniable, but it in no way has helped build that legacy.  But as they have always said, defense wins championships and the Seahawks made sure they lived up to that statement.  The commercials did not really stand out either, but I tend to be a tough critic when it comes to commercials, why? I’m not exactly sure but I typically find one or two significantly good.  Oh well, either way, congratulations Seahawks.  Just be happy you didn’t have to face the Steelers again. 😉

Later in the week I moved into a new dorm and there are a couple different reasons for this, but the distance was the deciding factor.  The dorm I was in before was in Building F, which happens to be the building farthest from my classes and everywhere else I need to be daily.  So I made the decision to switch to Building E which is directly next to the dining hall and where all my classes are.  The room I moved to is a huge upgrade from what I had and I am loving it.  When I first moved in the place was quite a mess..The floors were dirty, the shower was quite bad, and there was no order really.  Well, my roommate said I could do whatever I want with the place so I went ahead and did a full clean of the place and did some rearranging (Mom would be proud, don’t expect that to be the case at home…:)) Here are some picture so you get the idea.

This here is my kitchen which is quite big for a dorm room, if only I had a stove! But either way I am definitely not complaining because it is great.


I was completely unaware my room had this but I do have a living room between mine and my roommates rooms.  This is great because I can have people over and even have friends from back home come up and stay here. It’s a bit of a mess right now but that will be changing soon!


And this here is where I dwell.  And yes, my bed is on the floor but I had to settle for that because the bed that was given to me was very fragile and I didn’t want to risk waking up to my bed collapsing.  Either way it’s just as comfortable on the floor and it’s ideal for coming back and just crashing right into bed.  It looks pretty bland right now but don’t worry, the Pittsburgh pride will be shown on the walls in no time.


Going from a simple double studio, to this for just a small amount more a semester was a great decision and I’m going to make the best of it.  There is also a sink area and a bathroom but it’s nothing exciting so I didn’t feel a picture was necessary, you get the idea!  My previous room was one room shared by two people and a bathroom so it’s a really nice upgrade.  My new roommate goes by Darrel and he’s a pretty cool guy.  He is from Penn Hills which is right next to where I live and most of my good friends are from there as well.  I can tell it’s going to be a good semester living here.

Over this past weekend we had our first couple Volleyball games of the 2014 season and the result was not at all what we were looking for.  We lost to IUP who we beat in every tournament match up in the Fall, and we lost to Alderson Bradice(?), a team from West Virginia. The only win we got over the weekend was against Allegheny.  So all in all, it was not a good start at all.  But we aren’t going to let it bring us down, we just have to start practicing harder.  It’s been harder for us to practice efficiently due to the fact that we only have ten guys and we can’t scrimmage 6v6 which has taken a toll on our progress.  Hopefully we can find a couple guys to fill in within the next couple weeks.

I realize this blog is somewhat turning into a picture blog combined with what I have to say about it, but hey, that just makes it more interesting right?? Well, maybe just for you right brained people but oh well.  So far all two of my blogs have been in this format but don’t worry, soon I’ll be blogging about specific subjects, not just my life.  These blogs may include my feelings, opinions, or emotions.  So be prepared for a journey into the mind of  a genius..  If you didn’t read that as sarcasm, it was. Or was it… MAYBE, but that’s up to you.

Anyways, I’ll leave you with some random photos from the last ten days.

Here I am sneaking into the Greek Life picture for the newspaper.  No I am not involved in Greek Life and have no plans to ever be, but I can still be in the picture..right?


And this is what I do on Friday nights, lay on the floor in North Hall haha.  But don’t worry, we have just as much fun as anyone else, and I’ve met a lot of cool people in  North Hall.  It’s the place to be if you ask me.  This is my friend Sarah and this is only one picture of a series.  But this is the only one that we look somewhat normal.  I shall spare you from the rest of the pictures, for now..


Also, it has been a tundra here at Slippery Rock and the snow never goes away because it’s always freezing.  This picture is from a couple days ago and it continues to get worse haha, but that’s the risk you take at SRU (Snow and Rain University).  The building in the background is where I currently live.


But anyways, if you read this far again I appreciate it and hope I could keep you entertained.  That’s all for this weeks installment of “A Look Into Andrew Glaser’s Life”, tune in next week/ten days/month for the next installment.  It all depends on how interesting my life is!

Thanks for reading,

Andrew Glaser

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