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The Truth Revealed

Imagine this:

For one hour on one day everyone in the world was uncapable of telling lies.  For one whole hour everyone would have to say the truth.  I wonder how much this would impact our world.  I mean it’s obvious that the government hides so much from us and if they told us the truth what would happen? 

In my opinion this would completely and quickly corrupt the world.  People would be so outraged and surprised from things they hear.  It would just be chaos for years after!  Imagine how many cheaters and liars would be caught, how many people would be found innocent for crimes, how many celebrities would become nobodies, all because the truth was told. 

I could be wrong but I doubt it.  If you differ in opinion comment and let me know. Thanks.


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Fun at a Funeral

You know i just got home from my cousins funeral…and boy it was a blast.  Don’t get me wrong it still had its sad moments and we mourned the loss.  It was devastating to see such a great mans life be stripped so early.  My cousin was Chris Glaser. He too blogged here his blog was known as the “C” blog.  He stated this “I guess when someone’s life is lived full of  joy and loving God it’s difficult to be completely miserable when they’re gone.”  This made me believe that we should celebrate the life of Chris instead of mourn the loss.  God knew what he was doing when he took Chris.  Chris was an inspiration to everyone he met.  He filled everyones heart with love and compassion.  He did this with God’s love which shined through Chris no matter what he was going through.  Chris suffered cancer for 3 years but didn’t let it bring him down, ever.  He never mentioned it and did not want the title of “Cancer boy.”

When Chris was asked if he thought he would make it out of all this alive and healthy he said “I think so but its not up to me.”  One of the great things about Chris was that he let God take control of his life. He put all his troubles and worries in God’s hands.  Chris has inspired me and many others to not give up.  I mean i feel like a jerk when i want to give up on something because i just don’t feel like doing it but then i think Chris is suffering cancer and he is still working on getting his college degree at Ohio State University!  Chris has given me a new perspective on life as it is. Rest in peace Chris you will not soon be forgotten.

We love you and miss you.

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