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The Return, Once Again

Yeah yeah I know, I’m not very faithful to my blog.   I come and I go but hopefully I’m here to stay this time around.  Well where should I start…so much has changed since the last time I updated this blog.  I transferred from CCAC to Slippery Rock University starting in the fall and I couldn’t be happier with my decision.


CCAC was really a drag especially with the other things I was struggling with at that time.  Slippery Rock has been my escape really and has helped me move past some bad memories.  I am currently a Communication Major studying Public Relations.  My first semester here I managed to get a 3.5 GPA and that required a lot of hard work, I’ve never studied harder in my life.  I had a professor who went by Dr. Laux and he in all honesty changed the way I view academics and even certain aspects of life.  In all the classes I’ve taken throughout my lifetime I’ve never learned more than I did from just a few meetings with Dr, James Laux and I will always be grateful for the life lessons and the knowledge I have gained from him.

During the summer before I came to Slippery Rock a couple buddies of mine, Dave and Brendan, encouraged me to start working out.  Ever since I have been working out five days a week and it’s been ten months and boy do I feel better than ever.  I have improved significantly and have gone from the skinny video gamer to an fit and active athlete(This does not mean I don’t play video games because I still do quite a bit haha).  When I started working out in May 2013 I weighed in at 144 pounds and today I am almost 180 pounds.  I never though I would be this motivated but now I can’t miss a day of working out.  Just a year ago if you asked me to work out I may have laughed and walked away but thanks to Dave I am much healthier and physically fit, so if you are like me a year ago take this advice, GO WORK OUT!(You won’t regret it)  Becoming more physically fit made me want to get involved in some athletics so I decided to join the Club Volleyball team here at SRU and this was another great idea and I have had so much fun playing on this team.  Last fall we managed to win the championship at two different tournaments, one in Case Western and the other at our home tournament.  We also made the championship at two other tournaments but fell short in the championship games.

Here we are after winning our first tournament in Case Western:


It was a really exciting win because SRU Club Volleyball hadn’t won a tournament in over five years.  We have a great group of guys on this team and we work and play well together.  Our season starts in two weeks here and I’m excited to see how we can progress and hopefully make our way to the top and we are even hoping to turn into an NCAA team when possible.

Since being here at Slippery Rock I have met many great friends and it has just been a great experience.  Here are some more pictures to sum up what’s been going on in my life since I last posted.

Steelers vs, Browns: Dec 29, 2013

20-7 Steelers, this was almost a miracle day for the Steelers…but KC ruined it.



In January I was able to do a full tour of PNC Park and it was a great experience because I am a die hard Pirates fan…


View from the press box:


Near Christmas time the Krew got together for a Christmas party.  John surprised everyone coming back from the Marines and even bought us all presents.  It was an awesome night for all of us to reunite.  We are doing different things in life now but we can always get together as if it’s still the days where we would just sit on the porch for hours and hours talking about everything or anything.  That’s why I love these guys.


And last but not least this is my current highscore on Flappy Bird, an  extremely simple and stupid game that I still find myself playing till three in the morning.  (Hopefully by the time you are reading this I have trumped this score)


Well, I believe I have caught you up on my life for the most part.  There is a lot more I could say but it is four in the morning and I must rest!  More blogging is to come.  If you happened to have read all the way to this point, you must really like me.  Or you were just really bored, either way thanks for doing so!

That’s all for now,

– Andrew Glaser

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