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Random Thoughts of the Day

Well here are some random thoughts of mine.

– Something can not be more perfect than an0ther thing considering the definiton of perfect is flawless.

– There will always be more.

– The success of Twitter is equal to the success of a childrens book.  Both of them took 20 minutes to make and became a huge success.

– 95% of songs are written about love and sex.

– You are your biggest critic.

– The field mouse is quick but the owl hunts at night.

– Sometimes saying sorry can seem like more of an insult.

– Forgetting about ourselves every once and a while could save the world.

– The ability to see is nothing without the ability to believe.

– Pain does not exist if you don’t accept it.

– Reggae music is pretty freakin sweet.

– I have an obsession with breadsticks.

– The milk always seems to run out before the cookie..

– Pronouncing words the way they are supposed to be pronounced is lame.



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